Thursday, April 28, 2005

Without a noise, without my pride, I reach out from the inside...

I did the walkthrough earlier, and turns out that I only had to pay $55 bucks for slight damages and cleaning costs. I think it turns out to be something like $30 for the carpets and $25 for general repairs/cleaning. Not too bad. That means that I get about $1100 back from my security deposit. I was really worried it would be more considering we never got around to patching the holes in the door frame from when I installed my "ghetto french doors" (two thin glass doors from an IKEA cabinet that just happened to fit the door frame nicely). Plus the numerous discolored spots on my carpet from heavy foot traffic; you can literally see where my couch and computer chair used to be, those having light gray areas surrounding them due to my shoes. Definitely means I'm never going to lift my "no shoe in new apartment" rule, because the carpet will probably end up like the Veneto apartment.

I wish I had the powers of time travel or super speed (so I could go around the Earth quickly, thus spinning it into the future ala Superman). I would go to Sunday and watch the new Family Guy episode. I am totally stoked that Fox is finally doing something smart with one of its programs (granted it took Cartoon Network and plenty of DVD set purchases by fans to change their mind). So far the little clips they've shown during commercials look pretty awesome with the exception of the "SLOW DAD" sign scene with the red ball. That seems like they were trying too hard for laughs there, but then the whole "Peter wearing floaties to dinner" made up for it. True FG style. Right on Adult Swim they're playing the episode ("One If By Clam, Two If By Sea")where the The Drunken Clam becomes The Clam's Head Pub, a British tea room (or as Peter first claims, "Holy crap! It's a gay bar!"). Such a great episode.

"Hello, mother. Have you hidden my hatchet?" - Stewie Griffin
"'Ello, mudda. 'Ave you 'idden my atchet?" - Eliza

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
(Yes, I do know that the pic of Stewie is from the "Lethal Weapons" episode, I just like it too much. "This is my house!")

I'm just like you, I know you know...

I finally found a pic from the Bella Lea show at The Glasshouse online (actually on the Bella Lea group page on MySpace, haha). Here's the two shots on there:

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

I'm going to have to guess that ATC of the group was the one who took the pics. If so, thanks man. Oh, and for those interested, the back of her shirt says "Bank of Texas" on it. How indie of Maura. haha.

Anyways, I have my walkthrough in like a hour and a half, just waiting for my father to get here since he co-signed when I moved in two years ago (because I have a speck of credit under my name, how sad). So yeah, gonna do that and then start moving the boxes up from my garage. So many boxes, it's going to take all weekend.

In other news, for those interested, I was able to get Dodge from "My Old Kentucky Blog" to post Chris and Greg's "newer" song, "Everything But You" on his page (that was a lot of quotation marks just then). It looks like he's already made another post, but at the time of this entry, it's the second one down (the one with Kings of Leon in the title). Their song/link is located under the section ADDED BONUS, "North of San Diego - Everything But You". Clicking on "NofSD" will take you to their MySpace page, the song title to a RapidShare page where you can download it for free. And just like "Rabbit" (Eminem) from "8 Mile", I'll end with:

"And f*ck this battle, I don't want to win, I'm outtie. Here, tell these people something they don't know about me."


(Steve would like to apologize for the excessive quotation marks and parentheses in the aforementioned blog post. He promises to add only one more, to finish this up.)

Monday, April 25, 2005

Tell you seconds to midnight...

Tonight I went to the Bella Lea show at The Glasshouse. Wow. Greg came along and we stayed for just the first two bands: Consafos and Bella Lea. I had never heard of Consafos before tonight and I'm so glad I now do. They rock hard! I was so impressed with their set I went directly over to the merch table and picked up their EP and full-length albums (didn't have enough for a T-shirt, bummer). Plus it was cool because the guitarist, Billy, was working the table so I got to tell him how much I loved their set. Anyone who sees them will also be drawn into their music. On the way home, their full-length set the perfect tone for a nighttime drive. If anyone is interested, they have one of their tracks, "Tilting at Windmills", on their MS page (link is at the bottom).

And now for the one and only, Bella Lea! Maura is 100 times better/cooler/beautiful live than compared to CDs. She hit the notes perfectly and the band even played some new songs that weren't on their demo or their MySpace page. Truely, worth the 10 bucks for the ticket (in fact, I would have paid way more than that to see them). Even Greg said that he really liked some of the faster songs and doesn't think they suck anymore. If only I could get Chris to see them, he'd change his opinion as well... I picked up a copy of their demo (even though I made my own copy the day the demo was posted, haha) and a shirt. I already know for sure that I'll be rocking my Bella Lea shirt around town today. Oh yeah! Here's some really, really bad quality pics I took on my ultra-cheap cell phone (I once again forgot to bring a camera, digital or disposable).

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
Maura Davis of Bella Lea singing

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
Bella Lea!!!

BELLA LEA on MySpace

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sorrow and rage, but it ain't no game to me now...

This week's entry titles were brought to you by:

• "Made to Last" by Semisonic (Secret, sweet, and sublime, I hope you last a long, long time...)
• "Red Red Red" by Fiona Apple (The harbinger to the words that somebody lied...)
• "Tight Rope" by Papa Roach (We are the twenty-first century dyslexic, glue-sniffing, cybersluts with homicidal minds and handguns...)
• "Lights of London" by David Gray (Sorrow and rage, but it ain't no game to me now...)

And the letter L.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Secret, sweet, and sublime, I hope you last a long, long time...

My new place rocks. It's definitely a step-up from the Veneto place and my touches are starting to make it look like a home. On Thursday Chris and Greg came up to help move my couch and stuff, then we headed over to IKEA and ACE for a while to get some supplies and random trashcans without lids (stupid Swedes, why can't they sell things as a whole? lol). So yeah, then we headed up to Lakewood and I met Rachel, Chris' new girlfriend. She was pretty chill and really nice... she gave us cookies. haha. Hung out at Westminster Mall and had dinner at Elephant Bar. Turns out she lives like within a mile from some really good family friends. Also stopped at the two-story Target up there. Pretty crazy stuff. Greg took some pics of my place so I'll see if I can get him to email me them so I can post them. Chris and Greg went home, I continued moving stuff. Yesterday, Pat and Kathleen stopped by and we hung out and watched some TV before heading over to Lee's for a late dinner. And since then, I've been finishing boxing/bagging stuff up at my old place because my parents are coming later to help clean the carpets and stuff. And the weekend will culminate tomorrow night with the Bella Lea show (well, actually it's a "The Good Life" show, but they suck). Greg is probably going (he's letting me know later today) and yeah, it'll be awesome. Gonna go see me some Maura, maybe get a chance to talk to her and the band after their set. It'll be great. Oh, and merch galore from what I've heard so I'm definitely bringing my wallet o' cash.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The harbinger to the words that somebody lied...

Ok four things. I'll start off with my car. After calling the Chrysler dealership in Temecula (who were no help), I ended being recommended to take it over to the dealership in Tustin. And like after 10 minutes of waiting in the service line, a guy who was experienced in car alarms came over and showed me another way to shut off the alarm that is used by mechanics, which disables all security including the alarm. He was surprised that the service department didn't tell me to do that because he said that should have been the first thing a Chrysler serviceman should suggest, regardless of what is actually happening with the alarm because it shuts it all off. That means it's second time the Temecula place has jerked me around (the first being that they jacked some aftermarket parts without returning to me per company policy). My parents are even thinking about taking them to small claims court to recover the cost of the parts because they've gotten rid of them since.

The second thing is also car related, but this time involves my sister's car. Around 6:30pm-ish last night, my mom called me and said that Stacia was stuck in the Ralph's parking lot and that she thinks she just needed a jump. So I go over there and get ready to jump her car. But when I went to lift the cover that protects the terminal, the whole thing justs fall off! Terminal, cover, and all, leaving a gaping hole on the side of her battery (her battery is installed on its side). So I try to reconnect it and whatnot, turns out that she's going to need a new battery. My dad had just gotten home to their house and ended up having to drive back to Irvine because not only did the battery have to be replaced, the terminal needed to be removed from the cover because it had fused with it. So after a little while, we finally got it situated and he ended up just driving up El Segundo where he works and staying at a hotel across the street instead of driving back down to Sun City (which would've been like 11pm by the time he got home).

Third. Disneyland screwed up AGAIN. I got a call back from the lady in charge of my application/interview and she said that there was a no-rehire still in effect, even though the last interviewer had said it was lifted. On top of that, their system is all wonky because it didn't even show my February interview/application on there (it said my last interview was May 2004). So I'm going to have to go back down there sometime this week (probably Friday) and find someone to sit down with me to have it removed. God, I wish their HR computers would just fix it and be done with it (considering I've been dealing with an error that Costuming made for over a year).

And finally, in about 6 minutes, there will be only 3 hours left until I get the keys to my new apartment. I'm stoked! And if my current apartment phone number stops working for some reason, it's because Cox possibly shut it off too soon and has activated my new number. I can't remember off the top of my head right now, but I can give it to those who want it (just call my cell, which is better because I'll be between places until about Friday). Oh and I also made a little purchase last night on eBay. That's right. Tomba! for the first PlayStation!! Hells yeah. I've still got my original game save file for it but I needed a new disc... and now I do.

Monday, April 18, 2005

We are the twenty-first century dyslexic, glue-sniffing, cybersluts with homicidal minds and handguns...

I am NEVER doing anything for my sister again. Period. First she calls me at like 3:45am saying that she heard someone open her front door to her apartment and she could hear footsteps in her kitchen. So I wake up, throw on some clothes, dart out the door, start the car, drive down the block to the complex she lives in, park the car, go up the stairs, knock on the door..... and of course, the door was locked and no one was inside her apartment. But being the baby that she is, begs me not to leave and pleads that if I sleep in her living room for the rest of the night, that she won't call again. So I reluctantly agreed, got in my car, drove back to my place, grabbed my pillow and blanket and locked up.

When I got back down to my car, Stacia had locked the car from the inside so when she hit the unlock button the alarm went off. But not the regular alarm (which had been disconnected a couple weeks ago because it was shorting the starter electronics), but the backup alarm with its own backup battery. And it's loud. Louder than the normal alarm. And it's now 4:10am. Oh, and the backup alarm and battery are hidden somewhere in the frame so that if thiefs were smart enough to disconnect the main alarm/cut the battery and splice in their own/some other devious plot, they still would have to deal with this one. But I don't know where it was hidden either. Kinda stupid, huh? So after about three minutes of trying to get it to shut off, I decided to quickly drive it across the street into the Ralphs parking lot so it wouldn't continue to wake my neighbors. Drove over there, with horn ablasting and lights aflashing, and parked it. Tried pulling various fuses, disconnecting battery, using old alarm keyfob, nothing. I was able to alieviate the loudness by pulling the fuse for the horn and anti-theft, but the lights still flashed. Turns out the only way to keep them from flashing is to pull the headlamps fuse, thus preventing me from driving my car while it's dark. Which it was. So I walked Stacia back to her apartment and then I came back and kept working on the car, trying to figure a solution. Called my Dad because he was on his way to work in Los Angeles and he suggested the same thing that I knew was my last resort: take it to a Best Buy (the people who installed the thing) and have them find and disconnect the backup alarm. By now it's only 5:15am and I'm bored out of my mind. Walk into Ralphs, buy some 99 cent Teddy Grahams and a bottle of Yoo-Hoo, grab a copy of The Wall Street Journal on my way out, and sit in my car like a bum until it's light enough to drive without getting a ticket (which turns out is 6:10am). I just got in and now I have to leave for class in about an hour and around my mid-day break, drive over to Best Buy in Tustin and hopefully they can find where the BB in Murrieta hid the alarm and have them cut the line so I can put my headlamp fuse back in. AND still finish packing. As if I didn't have enough problems as it is. All this because Stacia is an idiot.

Our lives are better left to chance...

I was doing some music-related web surfing earlier and came across some very good news (well to me at least). Turns out Keren Ann is going to be doing a couple gigs in the States in June and three nights are in SoCal. Awesome. She starts off doing the CBS Morning News on the 4th, then does a couples shows before heading out here for two nights (13th & 14th) at The Fold and a in-store performance at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica on the 17th. I'm looking at possibly hitting the 13th show and the in-store. I'm totally stoked because I know it'll be an awesome performance by Keren. I can't wait. If anyone wants to come along (Keren's music should be heard by all), let me know cuz I'll be buying my tickets as soon as they go public, which should be any day now.

In other news, there are less than 72 hours before I officially move into my new apartment. And I'm still not done packing. I'm not quite sure what happened to my original plan on having everything done by the 1st, but I'm pretty sure that could never have happened anyways. Tonight, I'm going to have a couple of people over to rummage through some of the stuff I'm tossing/selling/e-baying at discounted prices. Some things up for grabs are a 17" flat screen CRT montior, a dinner table with 4 chairs, a refridgerator, some CDs and DVDs, and various other furniture/knick-knacks. Good stuff.

EDIT 18-APR-05:
Well, I got an email back from the PR people for KCRW and it looks like I may not be able to go to the shows at The Fold because most of the shows there seem to be 21+ (short by a few months, how lame). Anyways, that means that I will most definitely, positively, (something else)-ely, go to the instore at McCabe's because I doubt there will be a high age limit like that at a guitar shop. God, today really sucks (first my car and now this).

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Can we pretend to leave and then meet again when both our cars collide?

This week's entry titles were brought to you by:

• "Mr. Lonely" by Bobby Vinton (I'm Mr. Lonely, I wish that I could go back home...)
• "Only When I Sleep" by The Corrs (Your breath is just a sea mist...)
• "Helena" by My Chemical Romance (Can we pretend to leave and then meet again when both our cars collide?)

And the letter I.

Friday, April 15, 2005

I'm Mr. Lonely, I wish that I could go back home...

No, that isn't the line from that really annoying track "Lonely" by Akon, but rather the Bobby Vinton song "Mr. Lonely" from which the coke-induced, sped-up version originates from. In my opinion, Vinton shouldn't have let Akon and his Senegalese-suckiness sampled his work. Because Akon sucks. Hard.

But I digress from the reason I post. So I've been hitting GameStop alot this week, mainly picking up old PlayStation games for anywhere from two to seven bucks. While I normally hate buying second-hand electronics, the draw of having my old PSX collection rebuilt (after losing or damaging the discs over the years) is too great for me to resist. Plus they're dirt cheap, especially if they come without the original cover and/or manual. Some of you may be wondering, why buy only the disc. The answer is simple: I'm making my own covers (to fit blank DVD cases) from image scans of the front and back covers off the internet. Those pictures, combined with my DVD-cover software I use, makes some pretty nice looking cases to fit one where my PS2 and GameCube games reside (the whole reason of making new covers/cases). Also, for those who love manuals, I've found that on eBay you can get a lot of PlayStation manuals on there for like ninety-nine cents and whatnot. I was even able to find one for Street Fighter: The Movie, which for those in the know, is pretty hard to come by for the PlayStation (disc or otherwise); there are plenty copies available for you Sega Saturn people. So yeah, so far I've finished cases for: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Fighter Maker, Street Fighter: The Movie, Colony Wars, Syphon Filter, Metal Gear Solid VR Missions, and Legend of Legaia. When I stop by my parents house next, I'm going to pick up my copies of Metal Gear Solid, Tales of Destiny, InuYasha, and Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Fight 22. As Adam Corolla would say, "Good times, good times. Eh, Drew?"

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Your breath is just a sea mist...

A couple of pretty decent things have happened since Thursday. The first being I did my interview at the Resort and now I'm just waiting to hear back from my interviewer (she had to contact by business references), which should be either Monday or Saturday; I know that she already contacted my parents on Friday morning (since I work for their property management company). Also on Friday, I helped my grandparents at their garage sale and I got some things I hadn't seen in years from them (several copper platters that belonged to my great-grandmother when I was little among others). I also ended up getting a new fish. It's only a betta (I don't have room or time to deal with a large aquarium setup) but it's kinda cool looking. It's completely dark red and I have it living in a really big novelty alcoholic beverage cup (I couldn't think of a shorter name for it). Just imagine a really, really big wine glass that can hold about a gallon of water (maybe more). I put some beige-colored rocks and a plastic bonsai tree in there with him. I shall name him "NOVA".

Monday, April 04, 2005

I got to give myself one more chance to be the man I know I am...

This week's entry titles were brought to you by:

• "Jesusland" by Ben Folds (Billboards quoting things you'd never say...)
• "Love Will Show You Everything" by Jennifer Love Hewitt (Take this gift and don't asky why...)
• "An Honest Mistake" by The Bravery (Don't look at me that way, it was an honest mistake...)
• "Kangaroo" by David Gray (I could be your volunteer, we'll make the whole thing disappear...)
• "Laura" by Scissor Sisters (I got to give myself one more chance to be the man I know I am...)

And the letter X.