Thursday, March 31, 2005

I could be your volunteer, we'll make the whole thing disappear...

One of my five wishes came true: I stumbled across a site that contained a plethora of rare David Gray media files (pics, videos, mp3s, etc). And the best part is that all the link still work! None of this 404 error junk that nearly all the other sites have. Just to make sure I don't miss out, I downloaded every single file on that site. Some of my favorite things I grabbed were the mp3 of David's Christmas version of "Babylon" and his "This Year's Love" music video, which has to be one of the greatest (and semi-obscure) songs in the last 10 years. For those who are interested, leave me a comment and I'll send you a link to the site; I don't want to put a direct link here cuz I'm afraid too much traffic will kill the site permanently. I highly suggest that everyone purchase his albums and support him. And in other DG news, I read that he is almost done with his album and it should drop in a couple of months, which besides the fact that it's a new album, it also means that he might be doing a tour. Oh how I would love to be at one of his shows again (last time was at The Shrine in L.A.). If there is a tour, I might just have to sell some of my organs so I can get front row seats. Oh well, who needs a whole body anyways? Why else do we come with TWO kidneys?! To scalp them to get premium concert tickets, of course!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Don't look at me that way, it was an honest mistake...

Ok, I know this is going to make A LOT of people upset... but I had the most horrible thought after reading this article:


First Terri Schiavo, then the Pope. I would put some serious green down on the fact that in about a month or so, we'll see a new "feeding tube"-clothing line debut in Milan. Oh man, I am sooo going to hell for this post... lol

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Take this gift and don't ask why...

Hmm... packed some more. Again. If it wasn't for the fact that I have to legally vacate my apartment, I would think I'd never finish packing. Played some Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution for the PS2 today, a pretty decent fighter for only fifteen bucks. The thing that made it even better was the new controller I bought. It's a retro looking one from MadCatz and I orignally bought it for it's looks (and its price of only $4.99, hell yeah!). It turns out, it's a pretty decent controller. It's about the same size of the old NES controllers and it's buttons are backlit by 80's looking neon colors. Pretty funny. It works well with most of my games I have (only had a slight prob with GTA: Vice City since the R1/R2 and L1/L2 button are a little close). Besides that, it's a great price for a pretty good thing. Here's a pic I grabbed off Best Buy's site; it doesn't do it justice (in fact this pic makes it look ugly). But at least you'll kinda know:

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

I finally tracked down the music video for the song from "If Only". It looks like it was taken from some Korean thing (maybe TV, because it's not on the R3 DVD that I have). Whoever ripped it didn't do that great of a job (slight muffled/scratchy areas) but considering it's the only copy on the net so far... well, just check it out. It has a bunch of scenes from the movie, so you can kinda get the jist of it.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt - Love Will Show You Everything

So that's all I've got. Yep.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Billboards quoting things you'd never say...

Don't have much for tonite's post, so this will be short and sweet. I got some old Sony speakers from my grandparents (they came from their old house) and it turns out they match the serials on my left & right channels, so now I have a complete Sony surround sound setup (so many S's!). After cleaning them up and blasting the cones with compressed air, they look and sound like new. I also bought the Fullmetal Alchemist game for the PS2 finally. I'm not too far into it, but it looks decent. It's actually on pause right now in my living room as I write this. And lastly, I finally got my computer up to the settings I liked before the reformatting of the drive. Here's a quick screenshot of what it currently looks like:

Click the picture to see the full image...

If you want to know what I did exactly to make it look like that, just leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

And it`s you when I look in the mirror...

This week's entry titles were brought to you by:

• "Into the Morning" by The Weekend (Breaking you out through your bedroom window...)
• "It Don't Matter" by Rehab (Rainy days and cold stares, broken love affairs...)
• "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" by U2 (And it's you when I look in the mirror...)

And the letter Q.

Rainy days and cold stares, broken love affairs...

I have exactly 20 days left until I get the keys to my new place... so why do I feel like I haven't gotten a single thing packed? I've been working at this for the past month, and granted I've gotten plenty of boxes filled, but it still looks like nothing's been done. I guess the problem is that I have way too much stuff that I can't come to throwing out, no matter what condition it's in. If I want to stick to the original schedule that I set at the beginning of the month, I have to have my entire apartment stripped down and boxed up by this Thursday... ain't gonna happen. And with that, is anyone in the market for the following things?

• Audio Receiver
• Unlocked (region-free) DVD Player/Receiver
• 5 Disc CD Changer (for home theaters, not cars)
• Huge Framed Pic of Central Park in the winter
• 17" CRT Monitor
• Glass top dining table with 4 black fully-upholstered chairs
• 4 Foot Tall Mirror (Black frame)
• Laserdisc Player with "Tombstone" disc
• 17" TV with Built in DVD Player

There's probably even more stuff to list but this is what I have piled by my front door. Hit me up if you are interested...please!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Breaking you out through your bedroom window...

The past two weeks or so have been for moot. Starting with last week, which was my spring break, my car died. Many times. After taking it to a shop down in Temecula and getting the starter replaced, it died again later that night in the Target parking lot in Menifee. So I took it to two more shops and they determined the computer that controls most of my car was being shorted by something. It turns out that it was the alarm system that Best Buy installed. I guess they didn't ground it properly to the harness and it was causing a flux of electricity, which would explain the sporadic dying. Total cost of three shops = $1100. Weakness.

And for the last couple of days, my BofA check card and online banking services were blocked. I called them this morning to find out what the exact problem was and they said the bank put a hold on my accounts for "security reasons." I had the lady I spoke with go through the past five transactions, everything was fine. Then she got to the one that was flagged (and thus causing all the problems): a charge for $2.87 at Del Taco. So stupid. All because a purchase at Del Taco looked "suspicious" (don't ask me how), I haven't been able to go to the store for the past couple of days. Wow.

The only good thing that has happened lately is that Disneyland finally fixed my records and took the erroneous "NO REHIRE" status off (it was due to a clerical mistake that took costuming over a year to deal with). But because it took so long, I have to go back up and turn in another app (even though I already passed the app & interview parts last month). I'm planning on calling up the lady who was in charge of my last app and seeing if she can do something so that I don't have to go through the long process again. I'll just wait and see what happens.

Here's a pretty catchy pop-rock song for you all: The Weekend's "Into the Morning." It's off the soundtrack for that lesbian-spy movie, "D.E.B.S.". I have to admit, this song gets kinda addictive when it's left on for hours on end. I guess MTV won't play this version of the vid because of the many images of guns and whatnot. So check it out.

The Weekend - Into the Morning

Friday, March 11, 2005

I want to wake up with the rain falling on a tin roof...

This week's entry titles were brought to you by:

• "Summer Wine" by The Corrs feat. Bono (I walked into town on silver spurs...)
• "When I See You" by Bella Lea (Somehow we'll join paths and feelings will last...)
• "Hear Me Out" by Frou Frou (The permanent waves of cue cards and fix-it kits...)
• "All On Black" by Alkaline Trio (I'm just trying to relax as the killer's waiting right outside my door...)
• "Come Away With Me" by Norah Jones (I want to wake up with the rain falling on a tin roof...)

And the letter J.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

I'm just trying to relax as the killer's waiting right outside my door...

Finally got around to picking up a copy of Clock Tower 3 for the PS2. I gotta say, while it may be two years old (on the 18th) and is basically another Resident Evil clone, it's still an awesome game. And unlike the "Graphic Content" warning before the original RE games, this one really puts it to use. For instance, not too far into the game you witness a serial killer gouging a guy's eyes out, then grabbing his blind, old mother and throwing her around their house, slamming her head into things. After all that, the killer picks them up and stuffs them into a metal container and then starts dousing them with acid, while they're still alive and screaming. Pretty messed up stuff. Of course, the game revolves around a teenage girl being chased by possessed serial killers, but still... pretty crazy. So yeah, if you're ever at Fry's Electronics, make sure to pick up a copy (I got mine for $12.99).

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The permanent wave of cue cards and fix-it kits...

I've had a couple people ask about the "Total Earnings" thing in my sidebar, so I'm dedicating a post to it. SurfJunky is a website that pays members cash to surf the net. But unlike those "Pay-per-click" toolbars or other sites, this one does all the work for you. You simply register, then open the "SJ Browser" which is only another browser window; it will then automatically scroll through their clients' sites. Initially you only make $0.45/hour but soon after you get a raise to $0.50 and then $0.75. I started on Monday at 11:30am and just by keeping it running for 5 hours a day, I should make about $67 at the end of the month. For those wondering about payment, they give you two options. You can either have them send you a check to the address you give them, or in my case, have them deposit the money into your PayPal or StormPay account. They send out the money on the 15th of every month and from what I've heard and seen, it's a completely legit thing: no spyware or addware going on. So if you're interested, check it out here and start earning some easy money.
EDIT 25-MAR-05:
It turns out that SurfJunky is waay behind in paying its users and it may be cheating its clients. I'm starting to think that SJ was just a lame way for the company to profit off people like me, lol. So, yeah... don't do this thing.

Somehow we'll join paths and feelings will last...

Just found out that Bella Lea is going to be playing at the Glass House on April 24th (a couple days after I move into my new apartment) and the tickets go on sale Thursday morning. I am definitely getting in on this, especially since I missed the last (and final) time Maura's old band, Denali, was in Southern California. Definitely not going to miss out this time, that's for sure. If anyone wants to go, let me know and I'll get an extra ticket. Here's a little something-something for all you TPS fans out there...

The Postal Service - We Will Become Silhoeuettes

EDIT 11-MAR-05:
Oh and for those who don't recognize the "mom" in the video, that's none other than Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis, or to those who were obsessed with everything Nintendo in the early 90's, the "He touched my breasts!!"-girl from the truely awesome/horrible film, "The Wizard." Thankfully, the internet is home to many unwanted, but special-to-a-few, nuggets of goodness; if you go the X-Entertainment's "The Wizard" page, you too can view the clip! (hint: it's at the bottom)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I walked into town on silver spurs...

I've decided to give another stab at blogging, one that doesn't spawn from the hell known as MySpace (although I've been pretty good at keeping an updated one on there...). Some of you might be wondering why I chose "Open My Arms and Fall..." as the title for this blog. The reason is simple: it's a lyric from a David Gray song and I think it speaks volumes about what I want to accomplish with this... taking the plunge and getting it done. I don't have much to post about tonight, so I'll just leave it as is.