Wednesday, May 11, 2005

You slept safe and close to the window...

Disappointment. Hash and I went over to Best Buy today to pick up new TV (HD, no less!). Picked it up without a problem, wheeled it out to the parking lot and then we realized something... it was just a little bit bigger than his trunk. After trying to kinda sit in there (we intended on tying it secure), we then attempted to get it in through the back seat door. Still no luck. Took it out of the box and tried the same combinations. Still nothing. After making some calls and realizing that no one we knew up here had a truck or SUV, we put it back in the box and brought it back inside (BB is now holding it for me until I find another ride). So I did some more calling and it turns out my dad is driving in to work today. So after he gets off, he's gonna come down from El Segundo with his truck and help me pick it up. Three days after purchasing it, I will finally get it.

Been doing some research on the old 8mm video camera my grandparents found in a box and then gave me. Turns out it'a Keystone Capri Model K-25 and was made in 1958 (older than my mom, haha). Also found out that it had some features I didn't know it had, limited as they are. It has the normal "hold down the lever" filming mode, then if you push it harder down, it will continue to film as long as you turn the handle to keep the motor going. Nice. Also if you push up on the lever, it makes a single clicking sound. I thought it was just for advancing the film reel to start it, but it's to be used for things like stop-motion and "special effects". Did some digging around the internet and found some sites where I can purchase some unused 8mm film reels for around $6, which isn't too bad. Supposedly the camera came with a projector (that was housed in a leather box) and you could clamp the camera directly onto the projector without having to remove the film. Next time I see my grandparents I'm going to ask them whether or not they ever came across it or if they remember selling it. I can make me some pretty cool indie/emo films with this thing.


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