Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Cause in the 80's all the ladies grabbed his hand and couldn't let go...

Today I got a nice little surprise when I woke up: my favorite movie, "Truth or Consequences, NM" was playing on FX. It was one of those times where you can hear whatever background noises are happening and your brain is trying to figure out what it is while you're still half-asleep. When I heard the lyrics to "Heaven's Last Attempt" by Jude Cole, I knew exactly what was playing on my TV, even without opening my eyes. And just now, it's ending after airing once again. Kinda odd for a 7+ year old low-budget movie to be on, but also pretty cool because everyone I tell about it has never seen it. It's one of those movies where if you watch it once, you'll love it. So much cheesy acting in it that you can make nachos! The ending is a nice wrapup to the film (hint, think an ill-fated romance). The only thing I would have changed is the casting of Vincent Gallo, the world's biggest douche/hack/posuer artist. But Keifer Sutherland did a great job acting and directing this little piece of pulp. Oh yeah... it also has Martin Sheen as a crazy assassin guy with a scene ala Reservoir Dogs, minus a certain Stealer Wheel song, but with another pop classic! So funny.


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