Sunday, April 10, 2005

Your breath is just a sea mist...

A couple of pretty decent things have happened since Thursday. The first being I did my interview at the Resort and now I'm just waiting to hear back from my interviewer (she had to contact by business references), which should be either Monday or Saturday; I know that she already contacted my parents on Friday morning (since I work for their property management company). Also on Friday, I helped my grandparents at their garage sale and I got some things I hadn't seen in years from them (several copper platters that belonged to my great-grandmother when I was little among others). I also ended up getting a new fish. It's only a betta (I don't have room or time to deal with a large aquarium setup) but it's kinda cool looking. It's completely dark red and I have it living in a really big novelty alcoholic beverage cup (I couldn't think of a shorter name for it). Just imagine a really, really big wine glass that can hold about a gallon of water (maybe more). I put some beige-colored rocks and a plastic bonsai tree in there with him. I shall name him "NOVA".


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