Thursday, April 28, 2005

Without a noise, without my pride, I reach out from the inside...

I did the walkthrough earlier, and turns out that I only had to pay $55 bucks for slight damages and cleaning costs. I think it turns out to be something like $30 for the carpets and $25 for general repairs/cleaning. Not too bad. That means that I get about $1100 back from my security deposit. I was really worried it would be more considering we never got around to patching the holes in the door frame from when I installed my "ghetto french doors" (two thin glass doors from an IKEA cabinet that just happened to fit the door frame nicely). Plus the numerous discolored spots on my carpet from heavy foot traffic; you can literally see where my couch and computer chair used to be, those having light gray areas surrounding them due to my shoes. Definitely means I'm never going to lift my "no shoe in new apartment" rule, because the carpet will probably end up like the Veneto apartment.

I wish I had the powers of time travel or super speed (so I could go around the Earth quickly, thus spinning it into the future ala Superman). I would go to Sunday and watch the new Family Guy episode. I am totally stoked that Fox is finally doing something smart with one of its programs (granted it took Cartoon Network and plenty of DVD set purchases by fans to change their mind). So far the little clips they've shown during commercials look pretty awesome with the exception of the "SLOW DAD" sign scene with the red ball. That seems like they were trying too hard for laughs there, but then the whole "Peter wearing floaties to dinner" made up for it. True FG style. Right on Adult Swim they're playing the episode ("One If By Clam, Two If By Sea")where the The Drunken Clam becomes The Clam's Head Pub, a British tea room (or as Peter first claims, "Holy crap! It's a gay bar!"). Such a great episode.

"Hello, mother. Have you hidden my hatchet?" - Stewie Griffin
"'Ello, mudda. 'Ave you 'idden my atchet?" - Eliza

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(Yes, I do know that the pic of Stewie is from the "Lethal Weapons" episode, I just like it too much. "This is my house!")


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