Monday, April 18, 2005

We are the twenty-first century dyslexic, glue-sniffing, cybersluts with homicidal minds and handguns...

I am NEVER doing anything for my sister again. Period. First she calls me at like 3:45am saying that she heard someone open her front door to her apartment and she could hear footsteps in her kitchen. So I wake up, throw on some clothes, dart out the door, start the car, drive down the block to the complex she lives in, park the car, go up the stairs, knock on the door..... and of course, the door was locked and no one was inside her apartment. But being the baby that she is, begs me not to leave and pleads that if I sleep in her living room for the rest of the night, that she won't call again. So I reluctantly agreed, got in my car, drove back to my place, grabbed my pillow and blanket and locked up.

When I got back down to my car, Stacia had locked the car from the inside so when she hit the unlock button the alarm went off. But not the regular alarm (which had been disconnected a couple weeks ago because it was shorting the starter electronics), but the backup alarm with its own backup battery. And it's loud. Louder than the normal alarm. And it's now 4:10am. Oh, and the backup alarm and battery are hidden somewhere in the frame so that if thiefs were smart enough to disconnect the main alarm/cut the battery and splice in their own/some other devious plot, they still would have to deal with this one. But I don't know where it was hidden either. Kinda stupid, huh? So after about three minutes of trying to get it to shut off, I decided to quickly drive it across the street into the Ralphs parking lot so it wouldn't continue to wake my neighbors. Drove over there, with horn ablasting and lights aflashing, and parked it. Tried pulling various fuses, disconnecting battery, using old alarm keyfob, nothing. I was able to alieviate the loudness by pulling the fuse for the horn and anti-theft, but the lights still flashed. Turns out the only way to keep them from flashing is to pull the headlamps fuse, thus preventing me from driving my car while it's dark. Which it was. So I walked Stacia back to her apartment and then I came back and kept working on the car, trying to figure a solution. Called my Dad because he was on his way to work in Los Angeles and he suggested the same thing that I knew was my last resort: take it to a Best Buy (the people who installed the thing) and have them find and disconnect the backup alarm. By now it's only 5:15am and I'm bored out of my mind. Walk into Ralphs, buy some 99 cent Teddy Grahams and a bottle of Yoo-Hoo, grab a copy of The Wall Street Journal on my way out, and sit in my car like a bum until it's light enough to drive without getting a ticket (which turns out is 6:10am). I just got in and now I have to leave for class in about an hour and around my mid-day break, drive over to Best Buy in Tustin and hopefully they can find where the BB in Murrieta hid the alarm and have them cut the line so I can put my headlamp fuse back in. AND still finish packing. As if I didn't have enough problems as it is. All this because Stacia is an idiot.


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