Monday, April 25, 2005

Tell you seconds to midnight...

Tonight I went to the Bella Lea show at The Glasshouse. Wow. Greg came along and we stayed for just the first two bands: Consafos and Bella Lea. I had never heard of Consafos before tonight and I'm so glad I now do. They rock hard! I was so impressed with their set I went directly over to the merch table and picked up their EP and full-length albums (didn't have enough for a T-shirt, bummer). Plus it was cool because the guitarist, Billy, was working the table so I got to tell him how much I loved their set. Anyone who sees them will also be drawn into their music. On the way home, their full-length set the perfect tone for a nighttime drive. If anyone is interested, they have one of their tracks, "Tilting at Windmills", on their MS page (link is at the bottom).

And now for the one and only, Bella Lea! Maura is 100 times better/cooler/beautiful live than compared to CDs. She hit the notes perfectly and the band even played some new songs that weren't on their demo or their MySpace page. Truely, worth the 10 bucks for the ticket (in fact, I would have paid way more than that to see them). Even Greg said that he really liked some of the faster songs and doesn't think they suck anymore. If only I could get Chris to see them, he'd change his opinion as well... I picked up a copy of their demo (even though I made my own copy the day the demo was posted, haha) and a shirt. I already know for sure that I'll be rocking my Bella Lea shirt around town today. Oh yeah! Here's some really, really bad quality pics I took on my ultra-cheap cell phone (I once again forgot to bring a camera, digital or disposable).

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Image Hosted by The Image Hosting
Maura Davis of Bella Lea singing

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Bella Lea!!!

BELLA LEA on MySpace


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