Saturday, April 23, 2005

Secret, sweet, and sublime, I hope you last a long, long time...

My new place rocks. It's definitely a step-up from the Veneto place and my touches are starting to make it look like a home. On Thursday Chris and Greg came up to help move my couch and stuff, then we headed over to IKEA and ACE for a while to get some supplies and random trashcans without lids (stupid Swedes, why can't they sell things as a whole? lol). So yeah, then we headed up to Lakewood and I met Rachel, Chris' new girlfriend. She was pretty chill and really nice... she gave us cookies. haha. Hung out at Westminster Mall and had dinner at Elephant Bar. Turns out she lives like within a mile from some really good family friends. Also stopped at the two-story Target up there. Pretty crazy stuff. Greg took some pics of my place so I'll see if I can get him to email me them so I can post them. Chris and Greg went home, I continued moving stuff. Yesterday, Pat and Kathleen stopped by and we hung out and watched some TV before heading over to Lee's for a late dinner. And since then, I've been finishing boxing/bagging stuff up at my old place because my parents are coming later to help clean the carpets and stuff. And the weekend will culminate tomorrow night with the Bella Lea show (well, actually it's a "The Good Life" show, but they suck). Greg is probably going (he's letting me know later today) and yeah, it'll be awesome. Gonna go see me some Maura, maybe get a chance to talk to her and the band after their set. It'll be great. Oh, and merch galore from what I've heard so I'm definitely bringing my wallet o' cash.


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