Monday, April 18, 2005

Our lives are better left to chance...

I was doing some music-related web surfing earlier and came across some very good news (well to me at least). Turns out Keren Ann is going to be doing a couple gigs in the States in June and three nights are in SoCal. Awesome. She starts off doing the CBS Morning News on the 4th, then does a couples shows before heading out here for two nights (13th & 14th) at The Fold and a in-store performance at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica on the 17th. I'm looking at possibly hitting the 13th show and the in-store. I'm totally stoked because I know it'll be an awesome performance by Keren. I can't wait. If anyone wants to come along (Keren's music should be heard by all), let me know cuz I'll be buying my tickets as soon as they go public, which should be any day now.

In other news, there are less than 72 hours before I officially move into my new apartment. And I'm still not done packing. I'm not quite sure what happened to my original plan on having everything done by the 1st, but I'm pretty sure that could never have happened anyways. Tonight, I'm going to have a couple of people over to rummage through some of the stuff I'm tossing/selling/e-baying at discounted prices. Some things up for grabs are a 17" flat screen CRT montior, a dinner table with 4 chairs, a refridgerator, some CDs and DVDs, and various other furniture/knick-knacks. Good stuff.

EDIT 18-APR-05:
Well, I got an email back from the PR people for KCRW and it looks like I may not be able to go to the shows at The Fold because most of the shows there seem to be 21+ (short by a few months, how lame). Anyways, that means that I will most definitely, positively, (something else)-ely, go to the instore at McCabe's because I doubt there will be a high age limit like that at a guitar shop. God, today really sucks (first my car and now this).


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