Friday, April 15, 2005

I'm Mr. Lonely, I wish that I could go back home...

No, that isn't the line from that really annoying track "Lonely" by Akon, but rather the Bobby Vinton song "Mr. Lonely" from which the coke-induced, sped-up version originates from. In my opinion, Vinton shouldn't have let Akon and his Senegalese-suckiness sampled his work. Because Akon sucks. Hard.

But I digress from the reason I post. So I've been hitting GameStop alot this week, mainly picking up old PlayStation games for anywhere from two to seven bucks. While I normally hate buying second-hand electronics, the draw of having my old PSX collection rebuilt (after losing or damaging the discs over the years) is too great for me to resist. Plus they're dirt cheap, especially if they come without the original cover and/or manual. Some of you may be wondering, why buy only the disc. The answer is simple: I'm making my own covers (to fit blank DVD cases) from image scans of the front and back covers off the internet. Those pictures, combined with my DVD-cover software I use, makes some pretty nice looking cases to fit one where my PS2 and GameCube games reside (the whole reason of making new covers/cases). Also, for those who love manuals, I've found that on eBay you can get a lot of PlayStation manuals on there for like ninety-nine cents and whatnot. I was even able to find one for Street Fighter: The Movie, which for those in the know, is pretty hard to come by for the PlayStation (disc or otherwise); there are plenty copies available for you Sega Saturn people. So yeah, so far I've finished cases for: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Fighter Maker, Street Fighter: The Movie, Colony Wars, Syphon Filter, Metal Gear Solid VR Missions, and Legend of Legaia. When I stop by my parents house next, I'm going to pick up my copies of Metal Gear Solid, Tales of Destiny, InuYasha, and Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Fight 22. As Adam Corolla would say, "Good times, good times. Eh, Drew?"


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