Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The harbinger to the words that somebody lied...

Ok four things. I'll start off with my car. After calling the Chrysler dealership in Temecula (who were no help), I ended being recommended to take it over to the dealership in Tustin. And like after 10 minutes of waiting in the service line, a guy who was experienced in car alarms came over and showed me another way to shut off the alarm that is used by mechanics, which disables all security including the alarm. He was surprised that the service department didn't tell me to do that because he said that should have been the first thing a Chrysler serviceman should suggest, regardless of what is actually happening with the alarm because it shuts it all off. That means it's second time the Temecula place has jerked me around (the first being that they jacked some aftermarket parts without returning to me per company policy). My parents are even thinking about taking them to small claims court to recover the cost of the parts because they've gotten rid of them since.

The second thing is also car related, but this time involves my sister's car. Around 6:30pm-ish last night, my mom called me and said that Stacia was stuck in the Ralph's parking lot and that she thinks she just needed a jump. So I go over there and get ready to jump her car. But when I went to lift the cover that protects the terminal, the whole thing justs fall off! Terminal, cover, and all, leaving a gaping hole on the side of her battery (her battery is installed on its side). So I try to reconnect it and whatnot, turns out that she's going to need a new battery. My dad had just gotten home to their house and ended up having to drive back to Irvine because not only did the battery have to be replaced, the terminal needed to be removed from the cover because it had fused with it. So after a little while, we finally got it situated and he ended up just driving up El Segundo where he works and staying at a hotel across the street instead of driving back down to Sun City (which would've been like 11pm by the time he got home).

Third. Disneyland screwed up AGAIN. I got a call back from the lady in charge of my application/interview and she said that there was a no-rehire still in effect, even though the last interviewer had said it was lifted. On top of that, their system is all wonky because it didn't even show my February interview/application on there (it said my last interview was May 2004). So I'm going to have to go back down there sometime this week (probably Friday) and find someone to sit down with me to have it removed. God, I wish their HR computers would just fix it and be done with it (considering I've been dealing with an error that Costuming made for over a year).

And finally, in about 6 minutes, there will be only 3 hours left until I get the keys to my new apartment. I'm stoked! And if my current apartment phone number stops working for some reason, it's because Cox possibly shut it off too soon and has activated my new number. I can't remember off the top of my head right now, but I can give it to those who want it (just call my cell, which is better because I'll be between places until about Friday). Oh and I also made a little purchase last night on eBay. That's right. Tomba! for the first PlayStation!! Hells yeah. I've still got my original game save file for it but I needed a new disc... and now I do.


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