Saturday, March 26, 2005

Rainy days and cold stares, broken love affairs...

I have exactly 20 days left until I get the keys to my new place... so why do I feel like I haven't gotten a single thing packed? I've been working at this for the past month, and granted I've gotten plenty of boxes filled, but it still looks like nothing's been done. I guess the problem is that I have way too much stuff that I can't come to throwing out, no matter what condition it's in. If I want to stick to the original schedule that I set at the beginning of the month, I have to have my entire apartment stripped down and boxed up by this Thursday... ain't gonna happen. And with that, is anyone in the market for the following things?

• Audio Receiver
• Unlocked (region-free) DVD Player/Receiver
• 5 Disc CD Changer (for home theaters, not cars)
• Huge Framed Pic of Central Park in the winter
• 17" CRT Monitor
• Glass top dining table with 4 black fully-upholstered chairs
• 4 Foot Tall Mirror (Black frame)
• Laserdisc Player with "Tombstone" disc
• 17" TV with Built in DVD Player

There's probably even more stuff to list but this is what I have piled by my front door. Hit me up if you are interested...please!


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