Thursday, March 10, 2005

I'm just trying to relax as the killer's waiting right outside my door...

Finally got around to picking up a copy of Clock Tower 3 for the PS2. I gotta say, while it may be two years old (on the 18th) and is basically another Resident Evil clone, it's still an awesome game. And unlike the "Graphic Content" warning before the original RE games, this one really puts it to use. For instance, not too far into the game you witness a serial killer gouging a guy's eyes out, then grabbing his blind, old mother and throwing her around their house, slamming her head into things. After all that, the killer picks them up and stuffs them into a metal container and then starts dousing them with acid, while they're still alive and screaming. Pretty messed up stuff. Of course, the game revolves around a teenage girl being chased by possessed serial killers, but still... pretty crazy. So yeah, if you're ever at Fry's Electronics, make sure to pick up a copy (I got mine for $12.99).


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