Friday, March 25, 2005

Breaking you out through your bedroom window...

The past two weeks or so have been for moot. Starting with last week, which was my spring break, my car died. Many times. After taking it to a shop down in Temecula and getting the starter replaced, it died again later that night in the Target parking lot in Menifee. So I took it to two more shops and they determined the computer that controls most of my car was being shorted by something. It turns out that it was the alarm system that Best Buy installed. I guess they didn't ground it properly to the harness and it was causing a flux of electricity, which would explain the sporadic dying. Total cost of three shops = $1100. Weakness.

And for the last couple of days, my BofA check card and online banking services were blocked. I called them this morning to find out what the exact problem was and they said the bank put a hold on my accounts for "security reasons." I had the lady I spoke with go through the past five transactions, everything was fine. Then she got to the one that was flagged (and thus causing all the problems): a charge for $2.87 at Del Taco. So stupid. All because a purchase at Del Taco looked "suspicious" (don't ask me how), I haven't been able to go to the store for the past couple of days. Wow.

The only good thing that has happened lately is that Disneyland finally fixed my records and took the erroneous "NO REHIRE" status off (it was due to a clerical mistake that took costuming over a year to deal with). But because it took so long, I have to go back up and turn in another app (even though I already passed the app & interview parts last month). I'm planning on calling up the lady who was in charge of my last app and seeing if she can do something so that I don't have to go through the long process again. I'll just wait and see what happens.

Here's a pretty catchy pop-rock song for you all: The Weekend's "Into the Morning." It's off the soundtrack for that lesbian-spy movie, "D.E.B.S.". I have to admit, this song gets kinda addictive when it's left on for hours on end. I guess MTV won't play this version of the vid because of the many images of guns and whatnot. So check it out.

The Weekend - Into the Morning


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